Friday, September 7, 2007

Braden rules!

Braden and I spent some time together today after school. We gravitated to the computer to look up some YouTube videos. I must say Braden looked them up as I know zilch about YouTube.

I watch YouTube when it's been posted by someone or by AOL.

What a blast we had. He was typing in I know not what and coming up with some very funny videos. Some other videos were just as cute as can be. One young girl had a very simple, cute video and had over 1.5 million views! That is just mind boggling to me.

Between the funny videos, the cute videos, and the music videos I learned how to use YouTube.

Braden, you rule buddy!!!!


Mema said...

Aren't grandkids smart. They always teach me something new on my computer. Well, I guess not now that I have the new computer. They just play on the old one. :)

Darlene said...

These kids know all the fun stuff! Everything I learned on the computer was always business related. It's now time to have some fun on the web!