Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Remember when??

What a difference a few years, well maybe quite a few years, make :)

Aaron and Breanna. (Breanna is just five months older than Aaron) Two beautiful, hard working, young adults. (Thats UPS and FedEx) They showed us their bruises, actually I think they were comparing them, who had the biggest, who had the bluest, purplest (such words:), who had the most!

We didn't see Breanna this past summer. She was in another state caring for a friend of hers who had surgery. What a sweetheart!

Breanna is going to be an Aunt soon. Aunt Bre, Auntie Bre, I'll have to ask her which it's going to be...:)

What fun, a new baby! We can hardly wait!

Love you guys!!!


Denise said...

They do grow up fast, don't they? Congratulations on becoming an aunt Breanna... it's fun. Aaron, the last pic we saw you were in the kitchen. Do you stay there??? I think the pics were taken the same night... :) Best wished to you all!!!

jackie said...

What makes these two cousins very unique and special........Breanna was asleep in her car seat in the hospital room when Missy delivered Aaron!! On Saint Patrick's Day!!
Breanna will be Aunt breeze!