Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gone fishing

Picked Braden up after school yesterday and headed to the lake for some fishing. It was such a beautiful day and what better way of ending it than going to the lake. By the time we arrived at our fishing spot Charlie was there and had everything ready to go.

The spot he chose has huge rocks at the shoreline, perfect for sitting on. The lake is lined with woods so it's very shady, a nice breeze blowing across the lake, and wildlife to watch. Through the trees we saw a family of deer. Evidently they enjoy watching humans fish!

Charlie's parents and his neighbor, Tom, joined us later on and fun was had by all!

Take a look at Charlie!!!

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Denise said...

Is Charlie the one on the left or the one on the right??? Oh the one in the middle!!! :) He sure does look proud of those... guess yall had fish for dinner or at least sometime soon... glad yall had a good time. Tell them all hidy from Texas!!!