Monday, September 17, 2007

I Don't Get It

I splurged tonight and ordered in a pizza. You know how that is, home cooking is great but there comes a time when you just gotta do that really bad thing and order a pizza!

The pizza arrives so I turn on the tv and what's on? NOTHING!! So I surf and come across "How I Met Your Mother". I've never watched this show and I think I came in a few minutes late. Anyway, I don't get it. I came in when the wedding couple were sitting at the table with the others and the waiter kept taking their food away. What was that about?

Was this the start of the show? I'm thinking it is not because I never could understand what anyone was talking about or what the show was suppose to be about. What am I missing here?

Is this an age thing? Am I too old to understand "How I Met Your Mother"? Who is the "mother"? Which one is the father who married the mother? Help, help, help!!!! :(


Mema said...

I have never watched the show either, so no help here. I will watch for answers along with you.

Denise said...

I didn't get it either. I tried watching an episode or two because Larrylee loves it. I just couldn't figure out what was going on either. It must be one of those shows that you have to watch it from premier to series finale to get it. I love Reba but if you don't know & understand who the characters are, you probably won't get it either. If you want to watch How I Met Your Mother, email Larrylee or maybe Kari, they can probably catch you up & answer a few questions.

Larr said...

Ok I got you covered here!! Basically the whole thing with the food....they were using the fact that the bride and groom at the wedding really never get a chance to eat because everybody wants to talk to them. There were a lot of times during that episode closer to the beginning when they were about to eat but somebody drug them away to talk to them. Well then at one point the waiter just assumed whose ever plate of food that was was done eating so he took it. Ted is the father the thin dark haired guy. They don't show it much anymore but in the beginning of the show it started with 2 kids sitting on a couch listening to the father tell the story of how he met their mother. That is basically what the show is about.....except he has obviously started way before he met her because we don't have a clue who their mother is. Of course I am sure it will be awhile because once we know how he met their mother the show will be over. But it is a great show. New season starts next week!!

Kari said...

LOL That was a great episode!!!

I didnt see the first 2 episodes but Larr got me hooked on it! :)