Thursday, September 27, 2007


This is Sasha
I call her a rescue dog because she spent the first three years of her life in a crate. She was owned by a child so the only time she came out of the crate was when and if the child wanted to play with her. Twice a day she was taken outside to do her "duty". Tricia visited one day and fell in love with Sasha and Sasha fell in love with Tricia. Eventually Tricia became Sasha's owner.

This is Sasha's favorite place to be

She's come a long way from the dog that barked at everyone and nipped everyone she could. A "vicious" :) little thing she was! The only person safe from Sasha was Tricia!

Tricia takes Sasha with her everywhere she goes (except work and church, of course). She's taken a lot of time and effort to socialize Sasha with man and beast. Sunday we saw the fruit of her labor. Sasha was an angel! She didn't bark, she didn't nip at anyone and she didn't try to start a fight with Sam and Scooby (Scooby you met in an earlier blog).

As you can see, Sasha is a small dog. She's not much bigger than Braden's cat, Hidey (so named because she was always hiding).

Sasha tried to "play" with Hidey who, incidentally, did not want any part of "play" time. Hidey ran under the bed, behind the couch, under the get the idea :) It was funny to watch Sasha trying to force Hidey to play with her.

It didn't take long for Hidey to get fed up with Sasha. The next thing we knew Hidey was chasing THAT was funny!!!

Where's my camera???


Denise said...

What a sweet puppy & so lucky to have Tricia come into her life... my mom's dog Crackers, I guess, is a rescue dog also. She had been wondering around mom's neighborhood for about a month looking very un-owned so Mom started feeding her & now, you'd think they were attached at the hip... never ever thought I'd see the day my mom had a housedog... or your mom a housecat for that matter... 3 very lucky pets...

Darlene said...

Denise, how right you are....

"Never say Never" :)