Friday, September 28, 2007

Scooby and Sam

This is his favorite place
You met Scooby in my earlier blog


This is Sam's favorite place to be....right next to the water bowl. He thinks he owns it! He's a sweetie though and does share.

Sam is still grieving for Missy and has lost 2/3 of his weight. We are concerned for Sam but there's nothing we can do but give him a lot of love.

Charlie picked Sam out of a litter when he was six weeks old. The other litter mates were playing in the yard while Sam laid next to the food bowl with his head resting on the rim. He does love to eat! The owner said he would not get as big as his mother :) They were right, but he got awfully close!

I came for a visit right after they got Sam. There he was, laying next to the food bowl with his head resting on the rim. His tummy was so big it actually touched the ground when he stood up. He'd run a short way then he'd have to stop to rest. I thought something was wrong with him as I'd never seen a puppy that tired out so easily. They assured me he was fine, he was just a puppy, etc. They were so right. It wasn't long before he had more energy than he knew what to do with.

We love Sam and hope he'll be with us a few more years :)

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