Monday, October 29, 2007

Another turn in life

Yesterday was spent with family. Later in the afternoon, after Jacob & Linsey came home with Halle, we all went to see the new baby. Naturally she is a beauty!

Jacob has really bonded with Halle. It was so sweet when he would explain to Linsey that Halle had gas and where to pat to relieve it. He is so gentle and loving with this baby. It was so cute, as we were leaving Jacob was laying across the bed with Halle on his chest. He said she needed a change but he just couldn't bring himself to move her. He just wanted to stay right there and hold her. Hey, we said, no problem, she'll let you know when she's ready for that change. She didn't want to move either!

Linsey was there naturally but she stayed in bed most of the time. We kept the kids outside playing and spoke softly so we would not disturb her. I did get pictures of everyone.

That's all the good part. The bad part. I used a new card in the camera. There were no instructions with the card so I used it exactly as I did the card that came with the camera.

This morning I inserted the card into the computer and a notation came up that the card has to be formated. "Formated"??? Why has this card not been formatted? Why wasn't there a notation on the instructions to format this card?

Just to be sure I went to the local CVS which has a photo shop. A very kind lady took the card and inserted it into the machine. 'No pictures". She did the same with the other two machines there and the same notation "No pictures".

Now to the problem with the camera. When I get concussions I lose things. I have no idea what I did with the plug for the camera. I don't know if the batteries will hold up to a download directly from the camera.

Speaking of batteries, it reminds me of what happened yesterday when I tried to take pictures. I bought two packages of batteries at the dollar store so I would be sure not to have a battery problem. Well, I did. The batteries only lasted for two pictures then died. Bummer. So Jacob gave me one of his and that worked. So we got quite a few pictures.

Now to the download. I've got the cord to attach the camera to the computer. At the rate I'm going we all know whats going to happen here :)

Yes, I am laughing!

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