Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beautiful October Day

Today was a perfect day for walking. After school Braden and I started off towards the back road. I had left Brownie at home hoping we would see some wild life. Scoobie decided he wanted to go with us so I may as well have taken Brownie.

The only wild life we actually saw was a racoon that had been hiding in a bush. He ran under a house so fast I didn't have time to get it's picture. Bummer.

There's an abundance of wild flowers in this area. I looked for a colorful group and found these.

This is our view as we come to the back road.

Here's two more trees we see on our walk.

Today we walked to the end of the back road.

On our way back time we'll walk to the entrance to the lake. Braden will love that.

Tomorrow is football practice. My camera does not have zoom capabilities so I won't be getting any good football pictures. I'll just do the before and after pictures.

Have a great day tomorrow and God bless!

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