Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cross Stitch on Perforated Paper

I wanted something to do while in the basement doing laundry. I went to my stash and picked out this sweet little piece.

It's counted cross stitch on perforated paper. Not sure why it's called paper as it is unlike any paper I've seen.

After a short recess I am starting to do my handwork again. It's one of the most relaxing things I do.

My last project was counted cross stitch on linen. I was always too intimidated to work with linen so when this particular piece was requested I bit the bullet and plowed right in. Yes, it was difficult BUT the finished piece was absolutely beautiful and I am no longer intimidated. As matter of fact as soon as I find the right shade of blue linen I've got an angel just waiting to be made! She's beautiful with beads and such. This will also be a first for me using beads and other embellishments. But hey, no problem!

Wonder who would like that angel?

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