Sunday, October 21, 2007


Happiness is….borrowing Charlie’s work truck to pick up Isaiah for the weekend!

Happiness is….driving 45 minutes without traffic to get Isaiah!

Happiness is…listening to all that is important to Isaiah on the way back.

Happiness is…going to McDonald’s for Isaiah’s favorite….Happy Meal!

Happiness is…taking Isaiah to see Game Plan, he loved it! It’s a great movie

Happiness is…getting Braden for the night!

Happiness is…listening to the boys having fun!

Happiness will be complete if there’s no rain when I take Isaiah home!


Denise said...

Happiness is also getting to see a side of your sister-in-law that I have never seen before. I hate that we live so far apart but your blog has shortened those miles down to just a click. Hope you had a great time with the boys. Good luck on the drive back without rain.. I hear ya there!!! I have driving in the rain.

Darlene said...
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