Thursday, October 25, 2007


Lately I have not been happy with the arrangement in my bedroom. I had moved the bed in order to have the air vent unobstructed. By doing this I thought it would help keep the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

This meant the bed had to be in a corner. That translates into a very hard to make bed. A hard to make bed translates into a bed that’s rarely made.

It also put the bed against two outlets. I had to use one of the outlets so I tried to keep the bed pulled away from that particular wall. That wasn’t working because one day, after I pulled the bed away from the wall (AGAIN) I moved the cord that was plugged in and it sparked at the plug. Well that scared the you-know-what out of me.

So yesterday I totally rearranged the bedroom. The bed is against one wall which means the bed will be made every day. There’s a good foot between the bed and the vent. I’ve moved the stereo speakers (they’re huge and they’re old) to the back wall. They make great stands for my phone and clock (and a candle or two) :)

I even found room to keep the stereo, tv AND my rocker. You are probably thinking this must be a pretty good sized room, right? Wrong!! It’s the smallest room in the house and I still can’t believe it all fit! It must be another one of those miracles of God cause I didn’t do it earlier because I just knew I’d have to get rid of the rocker, the stereo, but not the tv, no! no!
That tv is going to get a good work-out. It’s the only one left!

Today I am going to re-coup from all that physical labor. I’m going to enjoy my new room!

May God smile on you today and bless you beyond measure!

P.S. Jacob remembers taking this picture. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed seeing it again.

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Mema said...

I love to move furniture. It makes the room look real new and clean again. Did you have some sliders to use. They are just wonderful on carpet.

I move a thin or two in my bedroom some times, but the bed and dresser has to sit in the same place all the time. There is no where else to move them.

The TV has to be in the same place or I couldn't see it.