Monday, November 26, 2007

A Cow? On the back road?

This afternoon I ran to Hobby Lobby and picked up my missing floss. Two colors to be exact. By the time I was thru it was time to pick Braden up after school

On the way home Braden and I stopped at Quick Trip to pick up his favorite slurpy. (It’s the small stuff that means so much to kids his age.) We talked about what to do on Wednesday, his l/2 day of school.

We took the back road home and what do we see ……a cow. A black angus to be exact. She was beautiful and enjoying her freedom. We drove by slowly so we could get a good look at her. She looked at us as if this was a normal routine in her day. She was at the tree line…perhaps she decided to follow the deer and lost her courage at the last minute. After all, her food supply (and friends) were in the opposite direction.

I must say it was quite a surprise to see her, especially since the last two posts have been about cows. Go figure!

The owner wasn’t home but we found two neighbors who said they would get her back home.

Naturally I didn’t have my camera with me…..that is SUCH a bummer:)

Braden made the comment that when I do have my camera we don’t see a thing. He is so right!

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