Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's a stick shift

Charlie loaned me Kim's car, which is a five speed. Driving a stick shift is like riding a bicycle, you never forget. Learn to drive a car with a stick shift then you can drive anything. When I was 14 I learned to drive everything with wheels. The scarriest was the three wheel tractor. They like to rear up and over on you.

I haven't driven a stick since my Volvo. So driving Kim's car today was a trip back in time. It's a sporty type car, low to the ground. The type you drive at 80 mph and think you are going 40 mph. It's also the type police love to watch for. As a matter of fact I saw more police cars today than I can count. They must have heard about me :)

Took Braden to his football practice only to find out they no longer practice on Thursdays. His next game is Saturday at 4pm. It's going to be a really good game, all the kids keep improving and having lots of fun. The last game will be the following Saturday at 10:30am. No one will be sleeping in that Saturday as it's a little drive to that game.

Braden is showing an interest in wrestling. When football is over he'll need a new interest and this just may be the thing for him. Charlie's good at checking these things out.

Hope everyone had a happy halloween, we sure did.


Kay said...

Okay you speedy lady! Behave in that car so you don't get any tickets!

Mema said...

Well, lucky you. I wonder if any of the kids would let me drive their cars. Doubt it. But then, none of them are very sporty, but a few almost new ones in the bunch.

Sounds like you are a kid at heart. :)