Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kate Smith

As a young child Kate Smith was my favorite singer. Whenever I would hear she was going to sing I came running. My all time favorite song was God Bless America. It was the most requested song and Kate said she never grew tired of singing it.

With heavy hand I am turning off God Bless America.

I miss Kate Smith. I miss the patriotism of my childhood.


Mema said...

Yes, she was a great lady.

No baby yet, they moved her to the hospital about three this morning. The baby is face up instead of face down and they will have to turn it. Larry, Christi and Kari went out to Brian and Laura's last night. Denise and Betty stayed at the hospital. Denise said after driving that far she was not going anywhere. Darlene, I need your email address.
Do you have mine. mtallant@1starnet.com

Jim White said...

You have a very nice blog! I enjoyed visiting. Thanks for visiting Tennessee Granddaddy yesterday. Best wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving!