Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Soup Time!

Right now it’s 34 degrees outside. The low will be in the 20’s which means it’s soup time.
I’ve got some left over ham and what goes with ham? Beans!

I picked up a package of 15 beans for soup. They are on the stove right now soaking in water for the night. I can hardly wait until tomorrow to put everything in a pot and simmer it all day long.
I’ve got the beans, ham, onion, carrots, and tomatoes. Tomorrow I will look around in the cabinets and see if there’s anything else that looks good to throw in.

I have not had corn bread in years so I picked up a box of mix and that will go in the oven tomorrow. A hot oven means a warm house!

For now I'm going to turn my blanket on and watch a good movie.

Have a blessed evening.

1 comment:

Mema said...

Sounds like fun on a cold day.

But, I prefer chili. I make my own since I can't eat tomatoes. Ummmm, good and hot!!!

In place of a can of tomato sauce, I use a can of cream of chicken soup. I make it with a package of "2 Alarm Chili Mix" by Wick Fowler, and 2 pound of beef or turkey. Sometimes a pound of each. It is hot.

When it is done, pour it over some onions and cheese in a bowl and grab the "Corn Chips"

The turned on blanket and a movie are great also.