Tuesday, December 11, 2007

28 Hours and Counting

28 hours and it's still sleeting. Our lights have flickered a few times. Around 10pm we lost power for about a minute. I'm so thankful it was only a minute. I turned my heat up so if we lose power perhaps my house will stay warm for a longer period of time.

Something happened around 8pm. My whole house shook, the windows rattled so hard I thought they might break. I have no idea what caused this. Tomorrow I will take a look around and see what the damage is.

God bless!!

It’s been sleeting for 19 hours now and no end in sight. I can hear the tree limbs crack then the sound of the crash. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the snap of a tree limb that’s loaded with ice but it’s a very distinct sound. And the crash…with the breaking of ice..it’s also a distinct sound.

Six inches of ice icicles are hanging from the wires. Tree limbs are taxed to the max.

So far my tree is holding up under the pressure. Some of my neighbors’ trees are not doing so well. Lots of limbs down, so far the wires have held after being hit by the limbs.

I was going to take some pictures, then I thought…..no way ;) Brownie (my dog) won’t even go outside and she’s an in and out type of creature.

The limbs of my pine tree are laying on the ground…that will probably be enough support to keep them from breaking. The interior of the tree is full of birds, no doubt refuge from the ice.

I talked to my friend Barb today. Since all the schools are closed she was home and bundled up. Her power went out at 4am. We have huge areas here that are without power so we figured she would be out for quite some time. Fortunately we were wrong as the power came on while we were speaking! The Power and Light Company stated they were preparing for this storm by setting up help before it was needed. By doing so the power is being returned quickly….for Barb, about seven hours compared to days. She stayed relatively warm…it was 65 degrees inside when her furnace came on. Not bad.

All this talk of sleet is making me c..o…l…d! I’m going to make some hot chocolate.

Stay safe and God bless!

(I am SOOOO lucky. A huge limb just broke from my neighbor's tree and missed my car by an inch! I am SOOOO LUCKY!!!


Mema said...

I hope your car will remain safe. As well as you and every one up there.
That was us on Christmas night 2000. I was without power until Friday afternoon. I think Christmas was on Monday that year.

Take care and stay inside.

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

I hope that you are safe, warm, and have electricity. Ice is horrible. I'm praying that all is well.