Saturday, December 29, 2007


I had always wanted to visit Boston, didn’t know why, I just did. I was fortunate enough to work for a company that was big on education. We had so many hours of continuing education to complete every year. So I started looking for seminars in Boston at a time when specials were running with the airlines.

I found the seminar, the ticket for $98 round trip and off I went.

I loved every minute of it. My boss insisted that I leave on Friday for the Monday Seminar and return on Friday even though the seminar ended on Wednesday. He said I needed the time to “look around”.

There is so much history in Boston. Way to much for me to hardly make a dent in the time I had. So I decided to start at point A, take my time and savor each moment and not look ahead. Every step, every minute was just so full of history.

The most moving experience I had was when I found the first church that was built in Boston. Luckily there was a guide present who explained all the details of the church. How the King and Queen would come here to worship when they came to Boston. The boxed in pew where they would sit. The boxed in family pews….it was warmer that way.

My Aunt Millie became interested in genealogy and started researching our family. She gave my Aunt Nina a copy of her research and my Aunt Nina then gave me a copy. It seems we have an abundance of preachers in our family history. One of them built the first church in Boston. I wonder………

Fast forward to the present. I started checking out blogs, learning what I could, at first believing it was all “MySpace” teenagers. Reading my brother’s family’s blogs. Hey, maybe it isn’t all just teenagers!

The more I read, the more I learned. One blog would lead to another which lead to another. Suddenly I found Kay at The Rustic Cottage and my blog was born.

Then I found another blogger….Boomer Chronicles…. from Boston (I love Boston!) . It’s about baby boomers and it just keeps me coming back for more! Her latest topic is the library. Did you all notice that today’s library is no longer the quiet place we remember? I’m going back tomorrow to check out the comments from librarians from all over the world. This should really be interesting.

Drop on over to Boomer Chronicles, I’m sure you will enjoy her as much as I do.!

By the way,…….her name is…..Rhea

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Rhea said...

I am so glad you enjoyed Boston. There are so many cool historic things here. Also, thanks so much for mentioning my blog, The Boomer Chronicles!