Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday...No Coat Day!

The sleet finally stopped Wednesday. The tree in Jackie's back yard did not survive the ice. It broke in half and took out everything in the back yard. That included the electrical box on the house which landed clear across the yard. Fortunately the tree did not land on the house so everyone is safe! Today the electrical box and wires were re-attached to the house so she has electricity. The phone line was re-attached but if it gets wet the line will go dead. That's all they can do for her right now. Most importantly Jackie and the kids are safe. What a blessing!

Our relatives in Oklahoma City are not faring as well. They are still without electricity and Grandma's health is not tolerating this emergency. She is in our prayers!

I have no idea what the temp was today but people were out and about without their coats. What a huge difference a day makes!

The ice was melting so fast from the trees and overhead lines that it sounded like an ice storm! The pieces of ice were large so I made sure I didn't walk under any trees! My sidewalk is pure ice from the pieces falling off my tree. Tomorrow is going to be treacherous as it's only going to get up to 30 degrees.

Braden had a bad headache when I picked him up from school. So we headed straight home so he could take some Ibuprophin. After that he laid down and slept for two hours. When he woke up we went to Taco Bell. We haven't been there in quite a while...we had fun....he was feeling like his old self and talked a mile a minute. I love it when they talk a mile a minute!

When I came home my driveway was ice so I can only imagine what it's gong to be like tomorrow. I doubt if I make it out of my driveway anytime tomorrow. But that's ok.

Stay safe everyone and God Bless!

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