Friday, January 4, 2008

E-mails and Laughing

My brother up north sends me lots of great e-mails. We have no idea who creats them but there are some very creative people in this world.

Have you seen the one with the painted bathroom floor? Leave a comment cause if you haven't I'll post it. It will blow your mind!

My brother and I talk a lot....if you call typing "talk".....I tell him how cold it is here and he laughs at me:)

I also have family down south. They say how cold it is there and I get to laugh at them :)

Laughter is good for the we get to laugh a lot in the winter time.

In the summer time I tell my family down south how hot it is here and they laugh at me:)

Laughter is good for the we get to laugh a lot in the summer time.

We all have the perpetual laugh lines, aren't we a lucky bunch!

We all laugh "with" not "at".......or is it "at" and not "with"? Just kidding!

Love ya guys!


Mema said...

Hi, I have that picture where the guy is falling, is that the one. I saved it. It is a hoot.

Denise said...

I know what picture you are talking about & I love it!!! I want to rip up every stitch of carpet in this house & stain the concrete. I told Larry I would love to have one of those paintings done on our closet floor that looks like it is going down into a deep dark dungeon... wouldn't that be great!!! Anyway ... it is 56 deg here now... beats 47 & 31!!!

Denise said...

Check these pics out: