Monday, January 28, 2008

Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis, USA Today's best selling author, held a contest for a free book.

Being the book lover that I am I had to enter and guess what!

I WON!!!!!

I now have, in my possession, one of
Jill Shalvis' best selling murder mysteries, "Get a Clue".

And what better day to stop everything and read a good book? A day when the wind is howling (85mph...wind advisory in effect) and a book that cries to be read!

Check out
Jill's site today to see whether the coyotes got her dog or her husband...for real.

Have a blessed day.....I'm spending mine reading!

1 comment:

Mema said...

Shoot, you are reading a good book and I am going to volunteer at genealogy.
I hope it is a good day like last Monday. No visitors came, just us three Liberians and we got Kevin to make us a Pizza and I went and picked it up. Umm..good.

Enjoy your book, I don't care for murder misteries any more. :)