Friday, January 11, 2008

Something Poisonous

Several years ago I had my first brush with something poisonous…probably poison oak. I’d never been allergic to anything until that little episode.

When I was in grade school we lived next to a woods. This is where I fell in love with trees. We lived on a hill and when you walked a short distance into the woods you would find a drop off. It was a very rocky area and under the drop off was a very small cave. Periodically we’d check it out to see if anything new showed up. It didn’t. The only thing we found was a snake or two.

My oldest brother was (and probably still is) allergic to poison ivy. I was not and on this particular day I decided to brag about it. I was most definitely NOT allergic to poison ivy.
He didn’t believe me......I had to prove off to the woods we went.

When we found the three leaf monster...... I picked a couple of leaves...... and with a big grin I rubbed those leaves all over my face.

I think my mom had a small heart attack when we told her!

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Mema said...

Well, I had never had a brush with poison oak/ivy until I moved here. After pulling a very long hairy root out of the ground, rolling it up and sticking it under my arm so I could pull more, well I was allergic to that.
I broke out on my arms, not knowing what it was, I went to Indiana with the in-laws to visit more in-laws.
I went to Minor emergency when I got home and the said it was poison ivy. Boy that stuff sure does itch.