Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Test Time

Tennessee Granddaddy is one of my favorite places to visit. He posted a test used by HR at major corporations.

Dr. Phil took the test and scored a 55. Dr. Phil gave the test to Oprah who scored 38. This proved interesting so I jumped over and took the simple test myself. I scored 41.

Click on over
HERE and take the test yourself. Then come on back and share your score with the rest of us.

Do it….it’s fun!


Mema said...

I tested a 48:)

Rising Rainbow said...

I scored a 48 too! But I hate those things with multiple choices when I never really fit any choice. lol So does that make me a 48 with reservations? LOL

Blessedw4mom said...

I ended up doing the test twice ... once for how I would normally respond and once for how I feel now while pregnant and sick. The more "normal me" scored a 47, but the pregnant me scored a 38. Interesting, ha?