Thursday, January 24, 2008

What Good Is A Dictionary?

I am wearing my dictionary out looking up words I can't remember how to spell. It's rather frustrating because I've always been an excellent speller. It's one of the few things I was able to do well.

My spelling is coming back, slowly but surely, and I've not had any trouble looking things up cause I could remember the first two or three letters.

I now have a word I can't remember how to spell. I've tried looking it up in the dictionary to no avail. What to do? Spelling the word as it sounds is not working. I can't find the word any where.

So I decided to post about it. I wasn't going to tell what the word was, noooooo, just to embarrassing.

Then I thought......why not type the word here in my post, the way I think it's spelled and see what happens.

I clicked on "ABC" and up popped the correct spelling!

Computers have replaced the Dictionary!!

Now that's a good thing!

Ok, the word was "nostalgia".

You can laugh now!


Mema said...

I am the worlds worst speller. I needed to spell a word the other day. I wasn't sure if it was right for the dictionary could not figure what I was spelling and the book, I couldn't find it there either. I gave up and said," I was sick to my stomach". What word did I need? Can you spell it for me? :)

Bright Meadow Farms said...

LOL, I can't even spell theire or htere anymore, I get ot typing too fast!

I've tagged your blog, please visit my blog for the rules if you want to play along!

Rising Rainbow said...

I was wondering why you weren't trying to find it on the computer. It's such a help! But I see you found that out! Pretty darn cool!

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

I won't laugh! I do this all the time and I got straight A's in spelling!


Darlene said...

I'm in good company.....I feel so much better now!!!