Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm fortunate to have very nice neighbors. The neighbor to my left are all afraid of dogs. The Mrs. tells me they did not have pets growing up and were not around dogs. That's probably why they are afraid of them.
They have made an exception with Brownie as she warns them of any and all intruders...even if it's another dog just sitting in their driveway. If the Mrs. comes outside Brownie will chase away any and all dogs and not allow them to come back as long as Mrs. is outside.
My neighbor has a spot at the side of their house where they leave all kinds of goodies for Brownie to eat. She checks this spot out at least three times a day. If she doesn't find anything, and feels that she should have, she will go to their side door and bark. (I think that's rather rude but Brownie pays no attention to me.)
I let Brownie out a few minutes ago and look what my neighbor left for her!
A very nice bone!

After I took this picture Brownie jumped up, wagging her tail like crazy. She's so excited that Mr. & Mrs. saved her a bone.
Then what does she do? She gets her bone and moves here.

That must be some tasty bone!

Don't think I would sit in the snow to eat anything!


Rising Rainbow said...

What can you say about dogs having to take their loot and move it. Seems like is always the case. LOL

Mema said...

Brownie is a very pretty dog. Sure seems smart also. She takes good care of her family and neighbors it seems.

Good for you Brownie!

Or is she a he?