Tuesday, February 5, 2008

OUCH, That Hurts!

Most of our state is under a weather advisery. The sleet has not arrived yet but the rain has....lots of rain.....very slick.....water everywhere....

My sweet little Tricia (I'm her mother, I can say "little" :) drove to work in a downpour, parked her vehicle, walked to the front door of her office. Put her key into the lock, took one step inside.

One step and down she went......on her face :(

My poor little baby (I'm her mother, I can say that :) has broken her nose!

It had rained so hard that water leaked into the office and a puddle formed inside the doorway.

One of her co-workers took her to the ER where x-rays were taken.

She's home now with lots of pain medication. She has an appointment Thurs. with an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. I guess they think the swelling will be down by then :(

This is her first ever broken bone. She asks "why did it have to be my face"?

We feel for you sweetie.....it will be ok......God decided you needed a "break", just not the kind you expected.

We all love you with all our hearts, I wish I could be there for you!


Mema said...

Tricia, I am so sorry that you fell. Just think, it could have been an arm or a leg. That would have been much worse. Take care of your self and I bet no one can tell it was broken after it gets well. Some one kiss her nose for me.

Well, I don't know her, but she belongs to my son-in-law Larry. So, much love from Texas gal.

Mom, she will be alright, I just know it!!

Tricia said...

mama-this is your poor sweet little baby Tricia :)(and yes you can say that:) I am much better now! I am having to go to the dentist to make for sure my front teeth are ok- I did not realize all the area's that can be affected. I am still sporting around a black eye but my nose I think the swelling has really gone down-and I only missed one day of work!! aren't I a tough one:)