Friday, February 1, 2008

Yea!!! 37 Degrees Today!

I would never have thought that 37 degrees would feel warm, but it did. I was so glad to get out of the house for a while!

Most everyone else had the same idea as I because there was more than the usual vehicular traffic. My errand was the grocery store and it was full of men and women with their walkers and motorized chairs. We were all taking advantage of the break in the weather. Rain is on the way.....lucky us :)

Hey, it's even warm up brother hardly needed a coat today when he ventured to the store. It was was all of 30 degrees! Wonder what it was down south at my other brother's (notice I didn't use "big" and "little" next to the "brother"?)

Have a blessed evening!

P.S. I've added more treasures to my shoppe....perhaps you'd like to check them out!


Mema said...

Where little brother lives is 36 degrees at 6:27 am, but feels like 29 degrees.

I bet he is still sleeping on Saturday Morning. What do you bet? :)

Have a Blessed Day!!!

Denise said...

Yep... 9am & he is just waking up. I was fixing to wake him up anyway because I am hungry & we weigh in on Saturday mornings & I am not eating before doing that!!! :) See ya!!!