Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Camera Woes

That's correct.....I have camera woes. I have no idea how to fix these awful woes :(

When Halle was born I used a new picture card. All the pictures showed up on the camera just fine. When I put the card in the computer to download it stated the card needed to be formatted. Since I didn't trust my computer I took the card to CVS to retrieve the pictures. Using all three of their computers, each stated there were no pictures.

I finally bit the bullet and formatted the card on Sunday so I could take pictures of everyone on Aaron's birthday. I put the card in the camera and the camera says it is not initialized. I have no idea what to do now.

My old card....well, I left it sitting in the computer for a few days and now it has zero pictures and says it needs to be formatted.

So now I sit with a camera I cannot use and have no idea on what to do to fix the cards.

I'll bet one of you know exactly what is happening :) and would love to enlighten the camera illiterate (that's me :)



Mema said...

Well, don't wait on me. I don't have a fancy camera like that. :)

Maybe Niecie can help!!!

Darlene said...

Hi Mema!

It sounds fancy but in reality it's a very cheap digital camera that uses a card instead of film.

I love the idea of having pictures right away :)

We've had lots of rain here and thought we would share and send some to you. Are you enjoying it???

Looney Mom said...

What kind of camera and card do you have. I might be able to help if I know that. So sorry. What a bummer to lose pictures like that. :(

Darlene said...

Hi looney (kids make all of us looney lol :)

My camera is Fujifilm Digital Camera FinePix 2650.

My cards are also Fujifilm.

Many, many thanks!