Monday, March 24, 2008

Soup Time

For the past week I have been craving potato soup. Thinking I had all the makings I started steaming the potatoes then proceeded to look for the other ingredients.

I just knew I had the mushroom soup and canned milk in the cabinet. I knew it....I distinctly remember seeing several cans of both....there.....right my cabinet!


So I made do with what I had....powdered milk.

Sanalac, my trusty, always handy milk! The milk I use when cooking everything except potato soup.

The other change I made was the cheese. Tricia made her soup with velveeta and since I had some on hand, (no cheese whiz) I made the substitution and I loved it. (So long cheese whiz!)

Now, for your enjoyment I have a soup song especially for you!

1 comment:

Joy Des Jardins said...

Potato of my all time favorite things. Now you've made me hungry Darlene...

Loved that video....