Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Simple Woman

The fun part of blogging is finding more and more sites that I have to add to my favorites. Some are listed on my blog and others are on my computer. If I listed all of them on this blog it would be a mile long :)

I've just been introducted to a new, to me, site by my good friend Kay at The Rustic Cottage.

The Simple Woman, who is not simple at all, is having a birthday April 18th. And to celebrate her birthday she is having a "Simple Woman's Pampering Gift- Away"!

You may enter this give away through April 18th. Hurry on over, there's not much time left!!

And a big thank you to The Simple Woman for thinking of us on your special day!

God Bless!


Aluguel de Computadores said...

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Darlene said...

Aluguel, thank you for visiting and I am glad you enjoy my blog.

I am unable to speak or read your language. How I wish I were bilingual!

A big hug right back at ya!

Rising Rainbow said...

I can relate to a mile long blog list. I've finally put all of my on a reader so I can tell when new posts are up. That's given me even more time to find new blogs. lol

Anonymous said...
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