Saturday, May 24, 2008

Look Out KU!!

Hello KU!!!!

My name's Halle and I'm putting you on notice!

I love everything KU and I'll be there in 2026.

Will you be ready for this Einstein chick???



Mema said...

What a cutie, and with teeth already. KU?

Maybe Kansas University?

We have a Halle also. Popular name. Ours belongs to my cousin, it is her granddaughter. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE n IT!...My KU baby!

the only Halle i know r 2 mine, and Halle Berry, the actress and i really don't know her....I wasn't aware at all that it is popular name....not around here! anyway!...
You have a Missy too, right?
I think it's aunt D's sister?

Thanks momma for the post, I love you!