Thursday, June 26, 2008

How Much Am I Worth?

I find all kinds of questionaires throughout blog land. One that keeps crossing my path is "how much is your blog worth".

Well, you know I just had to check it out, right? Well, here goes......

My blog is worth $2,612,126.58.
How much is your blog worth?

Are you all falling out of your chairs laughing???? If not, you should, lol.

It's not my if you all didn't already know that :)

And whose blog do you think it is? I'm sure the majority knows :)

Welcome back, Nancie and Kay. You have been missed by all!


2 comments: said...

My blog would probably be an negative amount, I don't want to check because I don't want to owe money to people for having to read my ramblings! hehe!
The Park Wife

Nancie said...


This is so cute :) lol

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragements. Thank God for strengthening me day by day.

Your blog and friendship is priceless :)

Take care, dear friend! With hugs and prayers.