Monday, June 16, 2008

Lost Forever

Somewhere between last night and today I lost my internet connection. Totally lost it, no IP Routes.

I connected and disconnected my computer a hundred times and still nothing. I even tried to back date my computer.....but it refused to back date. So there I was. Oh, I lost my phone service along with it.

Hours later I remembered I still had the AOL cd. That worked!! So now I'm back.

So what did I lose forever in this. About a hundred "favorites" I saved on AOL. Now I have to start all over. I'm not sure why that happened, my info to get on line is still there, one would think "favorites" would be also.

What will this do for me? Free up a couple of hours a day that I spent reading my "favorite" blogs saved on AOL.

Blessings, my friends :)

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