Monday, July 21, 2008

Christian, The Lion

This is one of the most powerful videos I've seen. Enjoy :)


Joy Des Jardins said...

I have seen this video several times Darlene....and I have cried every's just so beautiful. I get teary just thinking about it. Thanks.

KKJD1 said...

You could have warned me to have the kleenex handy! I love animals myself and that was a very touching video! Thanks for sharing it. Karen

Kay said...

What a great vidwo!! I'm crying like a baby! Thanks for sharing!


Kay said...

See?? I was crying so hard I couldn't even type!!

Nancie said...

This is so sweet, Darlene! Thanks for sharing with us. I am really touched by it. Friends are special gifts from God.

You are a special gift from God to me too :) Thanks for all your prayers and encouragements. You are in my thoughts and prayers always. Take care and God bless!


Kay said...

You've been tagged! Visit my blog to find out the rules.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness!..I love this video.
I shared it with the kids...We all thought it was amazing and precious.
We were all teary eyed. How sweet!
Thanks for sharing it mom!..We love you!