Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meet Rosemary!

It's been a looooog wait and it's finally here! I found my partner for the Swap at The Simple Woman's Summer Swap. I've been looking here, there and everywhere for just the right little gifts for this swap. It's been great fun, let me tell you!

I am so happy to meet Rosemary at Primm Tymes. I know you will want to meet her so click on over for a visit! While you are there take a look at those huge Cinnamon Rolls....I'm jealous.....I want one....NOW :) I also want that hair style.....I love it! Tricia..... where.....




Mama's looking for you!!!!!

(I don't think she can hear me :(

1 comment:

Nancie said...

So glad for you that you found what you wanted. Thank God! Thanks for sharing the links. Take care. Have a blessed day!