Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pouring Down Rain

It's Tuesday and pouring rain......again. Flash flood warnings out......again.

I mowed the back quarter this morning before it got too hot. It's so muddy back there I couldn't mow at the property line. Matter of fact I haven't mowed that part all summer. I wonder if it will ever dry out before winter. After I came inside I cranked the A/C down to 75 so I could cool off. (I keep the A/C at 80, so an hour at 75 shouldn't hurt.....I hope anyway :)

Now it's raining. The A/C has been turned off, the windows are open, and a nice cool breeze is waifing thru the house. I'll have to watch the windows to be sure the rain doesn't come in with that breeze :)

And that's the news from Stover Lane.......it's raining.......AGAIN :)


1 comment:

Mema said...

Good morning, send some of that rain our way. We could use it.

Patrick stayed with me for about a week, so the rain would be good on my grass and he could mow it again. :) He is my 12 year old grandson.

Have a Blessed Day.