Saturday, September 13, 2008

Helping Tricia

Tricia had the day off so I drove the hour or so to her have get ready for her BIG yard sale.

Five minutes from my house I drive straight into torrential rain....heaven dumping buckets of rain....heavy rain....can only see a few feet ahead of you rain. I drive in the middle lane, so I can see the white lines on either side of me, and follow the s..l....o....w car in front of me. I love it when I get behind someone who wants to drive as slow as I do....then no one can get mad at me!

That's the way it was to Tricia's ....but I didn't really mind it. I just cranked up the CD and followed that s....l....o.....w car in front of me. Now that is a piece of heaven in a driving rain:)

As the day progressed the weather worsened between my house and Tricia's. Rain, tornados, I decided not to attempt the drive home!

So Charlie watched out for his home and family......and watched out for my home and Miss C as well. I let everyone know where I was so if any of the tornados stayed on the ground and hit us he knew not to look for me. Ya got to think of these things, you know.

Drove home the next day and it was that it didn't rain! My thought, on that long drive home, was WHERE did Miss C do her duty those two days. Yuk!

Well, she didn't :) She didn't eat either, so maybe that helped.

I'm home now and Miss C couldn't be happier. I think she missed me!

God bless, my friends, and stay safe.

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Nancie said...

Thank God for keeping you safe and bringing you safely home. Do take care and may God bless you through this week!