Sunday, November 30, 2008

Picture This

Car Talk. And what is Car Talk? A very enlightening and entertaining call in radio show hosted by two brothers. Between the two of them they know everything there is to know about every known car in the U.S. (and probably elsewhere.)

Got a car problem? Just give them a call and they will diagnose the problem right there, right now! Got a problem with your mechanic...just give them a call!

Want to laugh for an hour.....then tune in!

One of today's callers was a college professor. She sounded very young.....teaches the subject of carbon dating artifacts. There's a name for this but I couldn't pronounce it let alone remember it, lol. Obviously a very intelligent woman who wanted a little advice.

She lives in California and accepted a job at a college in one of the southern states.
She loaded up her dog (a large, mixed breed fella) in the back of her truck. To keep the dog safe she had him harnessed to the tool box in the back of the truck.

Yes, the guys asked her several times about putting the dog in the truck which she insisted she didn't want to do.

As she's driving down the highway people started honking their horns and flashing their lights. What was the problem??

Can you guess???

What do you suppose got the attention of the other drivers??

What was that fearless, protective, huge heart of a dog doing????

He was riding on the roof of the truck.

And what was her problem?????

She wasn't getting as much mpg with him up there!!!



(Yes, this is a real call in, and yes, I'm still laughing!!!)

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Gladys said...

I love Click and Clack and always have. I have listened to them for years. Love the puzzler. This is classic though I didn't hear this one. I'm dying. I can just hear Click and Clack's comments on this. Oh Gawd I've got to go to the website and see if I can listen to it.

Thank you for sharing that one.

Several years ago they had a call in where there was a sweet pungent odor coming through the vents every time they started the car. One of the Tapit brothers suggested looking for a baggie of illegal substances under the hood. I about fell out!