Monday, December 29, 2008

Crapper Snapper

Just cruising the channels yesterday morning when I came across a fellow in Oklahoma who is documenting outhouses. Outhouses!?

That thing outside? That thing people use outside? Even when it's cold and sleeting and snowing? A thing of the past.....well almost.....

His ramblings brought back memories of the time we moved from the city to the farm. We had all the modern facilities and, being 14, I just assumed that everyone else did. I found out differently when I went home with a school friend, who also lived on a farm, to find..........(shock!) no indoor bathroom!

I learned a great lesson that day. Outdoors is not all that bad. I had a ton of fun with a very loving family. What more could one ask for anyway?

This fellow from Oklahoma had a lot to say about outhouses and I must say it was quite intertaining.

He calls himself the "Crapper Snapper"!

What a life!


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