Monday, December 15, 2008

It's COLD!!!

I can hear my brother laughing all the way from Minnesota!!! That's NOT cold, he's saying!!
Even if you ARE under a cold advisory! Even if it is 8 degrees! That's bike riding weather, he says!

Whatever!! I'll just tell my southern brother how cold it is....he'll understand!!

Then I need to clue in Miss C. My Choc. Lab. The short haired breed. Miss C does NOT want to stay inside. I keep telling her "it's cold" but she's not listening. I think she's found a "friend" she wants to hang out with :) Or perhaps she just wants to bully the male dogs around here. One is a pit bull who runs the other way when he sees her. The other is a very big, black, long haired fellow. He also runs the other direction when he sees her. I should have named her "Queen B":)

I'm off to put plastic on my windows. Better late than never, right!

Take care, my friends, and

God bless!!



Denise said...

Totally agree with you SIL!!! 8 deg isn't just cold... it is freaking cold!!! & we are down here shakin' & freezin' in only 29 deg today... come on down for the heat wave yall!!! :)

Mema said...

Yea, what Denise said. When your car is iced over, and you need to get home, that is freaking cold. But I made it home safe and sound.