Saturday, December 13, 2008


I had this great idea that I would make my own Christmas cards this year. I enjoy counted cross stitch and thought this would make a great insert for my cards. Since the pattern is quite small compared to what I've always made I thought I could do this really, really quickly.

It's time to get the cards in the mail if I want them to arrive before Christmas. This is what I've done so far. Four inserts and no cards.

Perhaps I can finish the edges, cut the cards, and mail them....or.....oh I don't know!

The first one I did was Holiday Greetings.

The second was bells. So cute!

Then there's Happy Holidays.
I love the loopy writing on this one!

And last, but not least....
Isn't he cute!!!

Each is so cute, adorable, and well....made with lots of love....I can't pick a favorite.
Which one is your favorite???
I gotta know!!!!

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Joy Des Jardins said...

This is just too hard. I love them all. I think the Jingle Bear one is just adorable Darlene...maybe he's the cutest one. But, the Happy Holidays with the dove is beautiful....oh, I just don't know. Good luck....they all are just lovely.