Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just wondering

A Senator stated on the Senate floor that the American people don't care about all the pork in the Stimulus Package.

Our President states the Stimulus Package is all about spending. That's what Stimulus means (followed by loud laughter).

The Stimulus Package states that the Federal Government will have a copy of all your medical records and will tell your doctor what he can and cannot do in caring for you.

Tom D. says seniors should learn to deal with their ailments as that is just part of aging. (hear that Mr. Kennedy?)

The Democrats in our government state that business and people can not be counted on to spend the money where the Democrats want. That's why they are going to do it.

The Democrats think we, the people, don't care.

Why do they think we don't care?

That's the big question I have.

Is it because the majority wants the government to take care of them and that's why we have a democratic president?

Do they think that if we cared then we would have a Republican for president?

Just wondering, that's all.


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