Saturday, February 28, 2009

Plans? " What plans" asks the weather.

I had plans for today. Big plans. Plans to get my garden going. Only one problem. It's snowing and there's no plans for it to stop today. Don't you hate that. Make plans then the weather it knew and wanted to play with you!

That's ok. I don't really mind. I'll just switch to plan B.

I would, that is, if I had a plan B.


I got it.....plan B.....what to plant in my garden.

Fruit trees for sure, apple being the first. I still don't know whether to take a chance on the 5 in 1 fruit trees. I haven't found any real information on them, nor can I find any blogs about them, I don't know anyone who has planted them, and the questions I've put out in the blogosphere about the 5 in 1 haven't had a response. So there we are.

On to the rest of my garden.....what to plant. I started with the items I definitely want. Since the garden will be small......very small....I listed the most important vegs, peas. Definitely peas. I love fresh peas and I've never seen them for sale anywhere. Evidently they are not an item the farmers want to contend with, on a local level that is. So the first item to be planted will be the peas.

Next tomatoes, for sure. What tastes better than a tomato right off the vine? N-o-t-h-i-n-g!

So on with my list of absolutes....lettuce, radish, cucumber

Now the list of must haves starts growing....beets, green pepper, green bean, hot pepper, carrot, corn, spinach, potato, cantelope, watermellon....HEY....STOP.....this is a small garden, there's no way you can have all of that!!

Now what?

Oh, yeah, the other absolute is garlic.

And some herbs.

This is me! This is what I do! I turn something real simple into something really Big! But, I say to myself, I just have to have all those vegs, they are my favorite, I don't WANT to go to the store, I WANT my OWN vegs!!! Hear that self?

My other self is laughing cause there's just no way to have all that in a small garden. There just isn't. Now go figure that one out...other self!

Oh, no! I'm talking to myself! That's not good! Hear that self? Oh, wait.....I'm talking to Miss C, that's it, I'm just talking to my dog. That's much better, right?

Have a great day, my friends. I'm off to look for some seeds.


Remember our four legged friends who have no voice. It's free food for them and only three or four seconds out of your time. Thanks!

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