Thursday, June 18, 2009


I can't believe it! I tell you....I....CAN'T.....BELIEVE......IT!!!

I found my little red recipe box!!!

This box is 35 years old and has all my old recipes in it!

I am replacing the furnace and must get my basement organized again so the people can have a clear path way to and from the furnace. So I am going thru all the boxes in the basement. This is an excellent time to get rid of stuff I no longer use or want. I'm on my last box and what do I find??!!

My little red recipe box! In the very last box! Isn't that the way it always is?

I am sooooo delighted!

I'm finding my old favorite receipes! It's like finding an old friend! (And my friends are looking their age, lol)

This Family Supper Casserole was one of many of my girls favorites. I remember it was soooo good!

This bread receipe was our favorite! I loved making home made bread!

Raisin Spice Cookies! YUM! The girls loved these....made them a lot in the winter time!

Another YUM!

I am so glad to find this recipe for Hamburger Summer Sausage. This stuff is soooo good. A beautiful lady I worked with gave me this receipe. She made this up for us every Christmas and since we all begged big time she gave us the recipe!

I guess you can tell how excited I am to find all my old, old recipes! I can't wait to start cooking them up again......what fun......what memories!

Have a blessed day, my friends!


P.S. I just can't believe I actually found my little old red recipe box, lol.


Denise said...

The sign of a good recipe is a very stained & messy card... & those all look like very good recipes... :) You need to come for a visit & make us a "Little Red Recipe Box" dinner... :)

Mema said...

Bless you. Isn't it exciting to find a long lost item? I know, when I packed up to move here, my babies book got lost and a pint jar I kept my cloth in that I rolled pie crust and cookies on. Finally, years later I found them both in the same box. The kids must have packed them. I didn't.

Yes, come on down and cook for all of us.