Thursday, June 4, 2009


I was so busy loving on this new baby and her sister that I didn't take more than a couple of pictures. It was only at the time of downloading my camera did I realize I did this.

So here we are with Mama Linsey and Halle kissing her baby sis, Kyleigh. Halle is crazy about her little sister. It rather surpised me as to how often she would come to her and give her kisses on her little head. Looks like she's going to be like her Grandma Jackie and Aunt Tricia.

Isaiah was spending the day. He thought it was really nice having some time to himself.......after all he's the only boy now in a house full of girls. Noisy, bossy girls at that!

He spent quite a bit of time teaching Halle his favorite game. They did take a second so I could take their picture. Oh, what cuties they are!

Next time I must remember to take more pictures!


Hey Denise :) I just saw your comment, lol. I'm rather late, that's for sure.

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