Wednesday, August 29, 2007

3-D Sonogram

Yesterday Jackie told me Linsey was having a 3-D sonogram today.

I've never heard of a 3-D sonogram. I must really be out of touch. I'm told you can make out all the features of the baby with 3-D. comes with pictures and video! These doctors think of everything, don't they!

It's really Linsey's mom that's doing all this. Linsey is such a sweet child, there's no way she would tell her mom no.

So off go Linsey, Jacob, Jackie and Linsey's mom for pictures and video!

By the way, we already know it's a girl and we are all sooooo excited!


Mema said...

Congrats!! Will this be your first greatgrandchild?
They are so wonderful to play with and to love.
I have three and a fourth in the oven. We will not know what it is until it is born. Papa wants to be surprised. :)

Denise said...

How did the sonogram go???

Darlene said...

The sonograms went very well. The pictures are quite amazing and very graphic. They are all really excited about seeing her. I will post a picture next week. Her name is

Halle Kay Raye Goodrich