Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Family of Turkeys

After typing that title I had to laugh! It sounds like I am talking about MY family but, alas, I am not.

At the end of April of last year I started driving Braden, my grandson, to school. We would take the back road as it was the quickest route. As we rounded the corner, what did we see ahead of us? A family of turkeys! Mama in front crossing the road and directly behind mama, in a line, were her babies. Big daddy turkey was the last in line.

Baby turkeys are so cute. There were 8 or 10 of them. When the babies saw us they got scared and didn't know what to do. Some just stood there, some ran back to daddy and some just ran in a circle. The parents were very calm. They stopped, looked at us, waited for their babies to calm down, then continued safely across the road and into the woods. Sure wish I had my camera with me, what a shot that would have been.

Fast forward a few months. Early morning. I stopped at the Quick Trip to buy a mug of Melissa's favorite coffee, French Vanilla. I took the scenic back road to her house. As I rounded the corner (on the right are the woods and on the left a white fence) what do I see sitting on that white fence? To be honest, it scared me. There were VULTURES sitting on that fence! Eight of them! Ready to devour anything or anyone that passed their way. I was soooo glad I was in my car.

(It's early morning, remember, and I am NOT a morning person.)

As reason got a hold on me I remembered there are NO vultures around here. Good grief lady!

As I slowly inched closer I realized these were the baby turkeys! They were now in what I would call their teen years. They were soooooo ugly!

Well, that is my laugh for the day. Feel free to share what makes you laugh. Laughter is good for the heart.

This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalms 118:24

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