Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good Morning!

It's a beautiful day here on Stover Lane. The birds are singing, the squirrels are chasing each other up and down the trees and across the power lines. The deer are roaming, and eating everyone's garden. My neighbor across the street had always fed the deer and, believe it or not, they did not bother our gardens. Unfortunately, he moved. So this year, due to these pesky creatures, we have no gardens. Nil, nada, as one was spared. As for the use of deer repellent...sorry folks, it didn't work. My next door neighbor has a video of 11, yes 11, deer having a feast in their garden. I bet they are the same ones that ate my garden. And speaking
of deer, early last evening I heard a gun shot. I think someone is having deer for dinner.

This is my blog for today. The site is most definitely under construction. I know the look I
want but, unfortunately, I am computer illiterate. I've had to constantly e-mail my sister-in-law
for help to even get this far. Fortunately for me she hasn't told me to get lost! Not yet, anyway.

Have a Blessed day everyone and thank you for visiting.


Denise said...

Yeah!!! A new blog post!!! I love to see posts. I guess putting up a chain link fence is out of the question... they would probably just jump it. Well continued luck with the webpage & next step to learn... posting pictures!!! :)

Kari said...

Aunt Darlene!! Welcome to the blogging world!!! I'm so excited to hear about all the going ons up there!!! Hopefully you'll be better than me about making posts ;)

I promise to get new pics up of the place soon!! Its changed so much since the last pictures!!!

Love Ya!!!

Mema said...

Hi Darlene, welcome to our world. This is Mema, Denise's Mom. Oh how I love to find new blogs. I will get Denise to add you to my list. I probably do not know how. :)


jackie said...

the deers around stover lane....brings special thoughts and memories of where you live and being close to missy. "good morning" looking out of missy's big picture window early in the morning drinking coffee our favorite as you know.... we would see a deer run right though her yard....i say keep feeding the deers!! i know missy would agree!

Tricia said...

"Deer" Mama-
I as well remember one morning looking out missy's picture window, with all of us drinking our coffee looking out to a family of deer! it was beautiful!!
and i remember her saying- she saw that all the time-thats why she loved living there and loved having you right around the corner! keep feeding the deer! I Miss HER mama! not just my sister not just my camping buddy but my best friend!