Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's a beautiful day on Stover Lane

The sky is a beautiful blue today on Stover Lane. The temperature is a little cooler so I mowed the front lawn. They say exercise is good for the body and that's my exercise for the day!

There are two Rose of Sharon bushes planted directly in front of my living room windows. One of the bushes is a real pain in the neck because it is planted next to the stoop at the front door. At this time of year it is so full that it hangs over the stoop and all the way over the sidewalk. Tying it did not work so my next step will be to stake it. In the meantime I enjoy it's fragrance!

As I sat on the couch, resting from my morning exercise, thoughts of my daughter, Melissa, flowed over me. I looked out the window and there, staring directly at me, was one huge flower. I use the word "stare" because that is exactly how it felt. "Hello, I see you and all is well" filled my soul.

May our Lord bless you beyond measure and thank you for stopping on Stover Lane.


Tricia said...

Dear Mama-
How beautiful this is! and how beautiful you are! us girls i have to say are the lucky ones to have you as our mother!
I love you so very much & i miss you!

jackie said...

dear mom-
your beautiful day's on stover as sweet and sincere as you are to us girls...we are truly blessed to have you as our mother.
Your baby girl... and our baby that the BEST of all! we love you mom!

Mike said...

Even though missy was only here for a short time-she enriched all of us! and even though she made a change of address to a much more beautiful place then we can imagine, she is still there for you when you need her! just sit still quietly and open your mind and heart, close your eyes and ask her- and if you listen closely you can hear her! She is with us all the time! we miss her badly and would like to thank god for allowing us the time we did have her in our lives. i look forward to the day we are all reunited once again!
missy's favorite brother-in-law!
(not the brightest star)