Monday, September 24, 2007

Game Time!

Braden has been so excited about playinging football. Saturday was their first game.
I'm still in the learning process when it comes to pictures so it's hard to see him. Braden is on the left and ready to play. "Snap that ball!!!"

All the boys are new to the game and play their hearts out! Braden caught the ball of the other team, had the ball in his hands when at that exact moment he got hit and out bounced the ball. How I wish I could have taken that picture!

Braden was full of smiles, before, during and after. What a happy camper he is! His next game is Saturday and hopefully I can get some close ups, zoom in or something :) Maybe the instruction booklet can help. Its getting pretty worn out just from figuring the flash, delete, you know...those simple things :)

Denise and Kari are the pros in our family....they live two states away....bummer :(

Have a great day everyone and God bless :)

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