Saturday, September 22, 2007

Animal Rescue

I signed up for the daily reminder to click on the Animal Rescue Site. This is a free site and all food donated is paid for by the sponsors. I have their site posted on the left, please go there and click to donate food for these rescued animals. Also, please sign up for the daily reminder. They will leave an e-mail once a day that you can click on from there. The food is donated to animal shelters and sanctuaries.

The majority of the food donated comes from the free clicks. 29.9 million bowls from clicks compaired to 4.2 million bowls from purchases.

Bowls of food donated from free clicks the last seven days:

September 22..........14,852
September 21........128,874
September 20........138,636
September 19........134,024
September 18........139,016
September 17........128,000
September 16..........65,649

Just from this you can see how worthwhile it is to take a few seconds to click on the Animal Rescue Site.

All the cats and dogs (and a lot of other animals) thank you for taking time out of your busy life to Click!

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